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The Company

S.CO LifeScience is a technology-driven company. Integrated in a network of competence of high ranking academic and private research groups we develop and market cutting edge solutions for automatic image analysis. The integration of the revolutionary Definiens Cognition Network Technology ensures a sustainable quality of our solutions, to this extend unique on the market.

S.CORE - Web-based Image Analysis Our own product is the first web-based image analysis system S.CORE, which offers a variety of sophisticated solutions for quantitative and objective evaluation of biological assays. All solutions are characterized by a fully automatic and meaningful interpretation of the assay, based on an extraordinary robust and context based identification of the objects of interest and an accurate determination of the corresponding morphometric data.

S.CORE - Partner Product Solutions Due to the web-based approach the cutting edge technology of S.CORE can smartly be bundled with third party products like kits, dyes, or innovative lab-on-a-chip devices. Thus, we aim for collaborations with manufactures and distributors to create customized innovative all-in-one solutions leading to attractive win-win situations.



New S.CORE Module for optimal quantification of tube formation assays: Tube Formation Assay

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